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Contemporary dance swansea
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Contemporary dance is a creative and expressive discipline that connects body and mind through exploration and new movement ideas, often through improvisation in the early stages.

This idea and the use of fall and recovery, alongside unpredictable changes in direction and velocity can make it a very appealing dance genre.  

To define Contemporary dance would go against what teachers try to achieve and instil in pupils. That being, to encourage pupils to push the limits of what we recognise as dance and to explore new ideas and concepts of moving and expressing.  
Presenting new choreographic ideas that appeal to a wide variety of audiences whether they be narrative, abstract or stimuli based choreographic pieces.
The main difference between Contemporary and styles such as Ballet lies in the greater freedom permitted.  Mobility in the torso and the larger use of the floor to perform, with the whole body, not just the feet, using and emphasising the force of gravity to pull the body down.

Class focus is primarily through the creation of new and innovative choreographic pieces following a selection of preparatory exercises collected from codified ideas and techniques like Graham / Cunningham etc.

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