The opportunity to gain performing experience is essential to a professional dance training. However, we feel at a young age technical classes and performance work must be carefully balanced as we are possibly laying the foundations for a child's future training. For this reason, we choose not to do festivals and consider our involvement in outside engagements very carefully. Within the school there is a healthy competition and a friendly atmosphere.

Above all, both students and teachers have tremendous fun in putting a show together. Showtime is an exciting but hectic period and parents can expect the following changes. In the two months before a show, timetables are subject to alteration to allow for rehearsals. During the last 4-6 weeks, Sunday rehearsals are occasionally scheduled.


In the week of the show we hold a dress rehearsal and technical run at the theatre. 

Costumes are ordered or are made by our dressmakers, depending on size and style - we try our utmost to keep costs to a minimum, (all costumes are provided at cost).

Being part of a school theatre performance is an exciting experience!

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