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Today, jazz dance has little to do with Jazz music and the dance form encompasses a variety of styles as it has developed over the years. The latest trend being the street and hip hop style promoted by groups like Diversity!

Students often recognise jazz class by the up to date dance tracks that are used for warm up and the trendy costumes in our shows and for this reason it appeals as a particularly fun class for our younger students whilst for older jazz students a fun but challenging work out.

At Swansea Ballet School efforts are made to ensure that students experience routines in a variety of fast, dynamic and lyrical styles.  Jazz class always commences with a technical warm up that promotes maximum flexibility with specific sections for turns, kicks, leaps and travelling sequences from the corner. The class usually ends with a routine that tests the dancers ability to learn new choreography and perform with maximum presentation and technique.

We pride offer technical jazz tuition at SBS and for this reason believe that the fundamental skills gained through attending Ballet are essential in order to benefit from our jazz classes.

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