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Tap dancing in swansea
tap classes children

We offer Tap dance classes from aged 4.


Tap dance is particularly fun, beating out new sounds and rhythms with your feet is particularly rewarding!  


Tap students can thoroughly enjoy the new and updated syllabus which has been devised to meet the needs of the latest trends in tap.


At a later age students will attempt more demanding steps and overall the tap syllabus incorporates faster and more intricate foot work in an American tap style.

The tap syllabus and associated music really captures the imagination and stimulates the senses, children tap dance to a variety of rhythms from tango to reggae, all of which helps to bring a smile to the face. 

Alongside set syllabus work, students are taught to appreciate and understand the basics of rhythm and to respond to free work.  Our young tap students are introduced to ISTD tap grades with a 'song and dance' element, making it a fun introduction to Tap!

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