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We are excited to announce that Counterpointe Theatre Arts will be re-branded as Swansea Ballet School.

When the school relocated from the Murton area to Gower College, it was renamed Counterpointe Theatre Arts to reflect its new home. Two years ago we moved to ‘Ffynone House School’ where we have been made extremely welcome, and allowed to install professional dance flooring. This has proved extremely beneficial particularly in the genre of Ballet, which has always been the school’s core discipline. Many of you may be aware, we have two sister schools based in central London, the ‘London Ballet School’ and the unique ‘London Boys Ballet School’.

Like Counterpointe, both these schools focus on ‘creating dancers’ and offering a ‘serious dance training’. With the Counterpointe relocation, and our London venues now well established, it seems appropriate that we create a stronger link between the schools. I am therefore very excited to announce that ‘Counterpointe Theatre Arts’ will be changing its name to the ‘Swansea Ballet School’. Swansea Ballet School’ will see the introduction of an updated training timetable, a new school patron, new class genres, all following the same successful model as our London locations. Over the coming weeks, more information will be sent out and it will be a very exciting time for all, ensuring that we stay up to date with latest trends and dance training expectations.

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